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Life | Urban Craft Uprising – Winter Show Recap


The Winter show of Urban Craft Uprising is awesome to check out if you’re trying to find unique, handmade gifts to give for Christmas. My biggest problem though is that I always end up finding more things I want to buy for myself. GAH, THE AGONY.

The following is just a tiny sampling of some of the great booths I found. Oh, and pardon the somewhat low quality photos in this post…I was focused more on shopping and looking than lugging a camera around, so quick phone snaps had to do the trick!


To the left is a pic from the Oh, Hello Friend booth, which was packed every time I walked by it, and for good reason! Danni had so many awesome things to buy here for anyone that loves crafty goodies (stamps, decorative masking tape, wood embellishments, etc) but I somehow managed to keep myself in check. It was hard, trust me.

The hand cut paper images at the Bird Mafia booth stopped me in my tracks because, duh, paper, and HELLO, gorgeous! As much as I love playing with the stuff, I definitely don’t have the kind of patience or talent it takes for hand cutting. I have a scar on my leg from an incident with an X-Acto knife several years ago if that tells you how great I am around super sharp objects.


Can we just talk about how much I love the Mod Radio sign? The product was awesome too – vintage, retrofitted speakers for your iPod/other music playing device…I want one SO BAD and couldn’t resist Instagramming one of my favorite ones here.


Tender Loving Empire was another booth that I was immediately drawn to…an indie record label based in Portland (check out Radiation City and Typhoon), they also have a retail store with handmade jewelry, cards, clothes and all kinds of other nifties. These bottles of Seattle rain are so freaking adorable.

The Mugwump booth was full of passport covers, wallets, and handbags made from re-purposed materials like these old record covers!


Ahh, pretties (found at Oh, Hello Friend and Such Sweet Tierney).

That’s all I have for this recap, even though there were MANY more great booths that aren’t represented here – Bison Bookbinding, Slide Sideways, Frida Clements…I could go on! You can find out more about Urban Craft Uprising here, and here is the post I did for the summer show this past July.

If you also attended this year, which booth was your fav? Does your city have a craft fair similar to this? I’d love to see or hear about it! :D

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Life | Urban Craft Uprising – Summer Show Recap


Urban Craft Uprising is a lot like walking into a real life Etsy. So much handmade awesomeness, you guys. The summer show this last weekend had over a hundred vendors, so the following is just a sampling. (And for the record, I was packing light, so all my snap happiness was with my iPhone!)


What is it about wood mounted rubber stamps that excites me SO much more than acrylic?! These two sets (there was a sewing one too!) from Assemble Shop & Studio were begging for me to add them to my collection. OY VEY. So cute.


So basically, these letterpress notecards from Old School Stationers is perfect in every way. The colors, her dress, the font, the scrolls…THE HAT.


I wasn’t expecting to find much of anything to use for scrapbooking purposes, but OMG PATTERNED CHIPBOARD BUTTONS. Yes, the top one to the left came home with me. Colored tags and twine were also hanging out in the Such Sweet Tierney booth, along with her awesome bags!


I have been wearing the same diamond stud earrings and cameo necklace everyday for years now (with no plans to change it up much), but the The Sprinkle Factory jewelry booth made me stop in my tracks. Pie necklaces, gummy bear rings, teapot necklaces…so full of quirky cuteness.


My first purchase was this journal from Ex Libris Anonymous. I spotted it across from another booth and knew it had to be mine. Bound inside this vintage book are a few pages from the book itself, along with blank, acid-free paper. What to put in it, I haven’t decided yet, but its well-loved cover and old book smell makes me soooo happy.

I had to get a shot of the above pillow from Cellar Door Mercantile because my mom owns several goats, so I’m sure she could appreciate this. (PSST…and if you’re a fan of other naughty words and weird animals, then you should check out this Narwhal card)


Hey, that’s my hood! My budget was way too beat for any of these Twozdai original paintings at the Skylines art booth, but I am so in love with the Top Pot canvas, and the crow on the telephone wire. Well, any of the Capitol Hill images, but those especially.


This travel coffee mug from Bread and Badger might be my absolute favorite thing I brought home. Cats, bikes, Oregon, yarn, narwhals…they’re all represented there too.

And that 4×5 coffee print from Graphic Anthology is gonna look great in my kitchen, y’all. (POLKA DOTS, WHUT)

Already can’t wait for the December show. I <3 UCU!

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