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Life | Visit to Regional Assembly of Text in Vancouver

Regional Assembly of Text - Display Window

(Okay, seriously, is this not the cutest window display?!)

On my recent BC visit, I couldn’t resist another drop-in to this awesome little stationery shop in Vancouver (I only had my iPhone on me, so pardon the quality of pics and the fact that there isn’t that many). I love everything about this place…the letter writing station with the typewriters, the tiny little room full of zines and self published books, their exclusive card and button designs, the decorrrr…

Regional Assembly of Text - Cards

OOOF, those cards are cute. And check out the cash register area…how many flea markets did they have to raid for all those filing cabinets?! :D Pictured below is what I’ve come home with the last two visits there, though I always want about a million things more. Budgets are the worst sometimes.

Regional Assembly of Text | Blackbird DarlinGoodies - Regional Assembly of Text | Blackbird Darlin

If you’re ever in Vancouver (they have a location in Victoria too!) then you should definitely stop by. Check them out on the web here.

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Life | The Leisure List

The Leisure List

1) Been trying to scrounge up supplies to use for my Paris album (going with a 6×8 Simple Stories album and pocket pages). In other news, that trip was almost a year ago now, EESH.

2) Spending time up North in Canada with Manfriend for the past week. It’s so much quieter at his place than my neighborhood in Seattle, which is a nice break at times. Although not being there during the Super Bowl was a bit of a bummer…YAY SEAHAWKS!

3) I’ve been on a bit of a reading frenzy the past month. I’ve finished Beautiful Ruins, Timebound, and am halfway through Fangirl right now…loving it, and I have to share these couple of lines,

“There’s nothing more intoxicating than creating something from nothing. Creating something from yourself.”

“I’ll write because I love it, the way other people knit or…or scrapbook.”

4) The Inside Llewyn Davis soundtrack has been almost the only thing I’ve been listening to lately. I’m not much of a movie girl, but seeing this one was a must!

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Life | Unplanned Road Trips…

Ranch House Cafe Route 66 | Blackbird DarlinOwl Cafe New Mexico | Blackbird Darlin'
California Palm Trees | Blackbird Darlin'Northern California Shasta Territory | Blackbird Darlin'

Hey, so you know those times when the holidays are almost over and you’re super excited to get started on blogging again, but you take a trip to Mississippi to visit your family at New Years and it takes you two days of flying to get there, and then you end up having to DRIVE THE ENTIRE WAY BACK to Seattle?

Well, that’s a thing that happened. There’s a brand new breed of He Who Shall Not Be Named and he goes by Polar Vortex. In all honesty though, good times were had. I freaking love road trips. Even ones with tight deadlines so your Canadian Manfriend can get back to Canada in time to catch a flight for work that isn’t cancelled.

Anywho, I have been absent from the internet in almost all forms for what feels like forever, but man oh man, have I got gobs of scrapping material to work with. I’m really pumped to try mixing in 8×8 layouts with some 6×8 Project Life style types of pages this year, so we’ll see how this goes.

In the meantime, I figured I should at least post up some Instagram pics from my unexpected cross country trip so no one thinks I’ve abandoned this here blog. Anyone else out there have some wacky adventures cause of the weather last week? That was some kind of cold y’all.

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Love | The Leisure List


Hey kids, tis the season for holiday projects, right?! (YIPES)

I’m bound for a quiet B.C. getaway tomorrow, and I’m bringing as few clothes as possible, so I can cram in as many craft supplies as possible. My yellow tote and old Quickutz Revolution train case is stuffed with them. I’ve got a lot of making to do this week.

1) On my last trip up to the Great White North, I finished reading “The Paris Wife” (loved it, loved it, loved it), so “Hemingway’s Girl” seems like a good follow-up. In other news, I’m a total sucker for books with good fonts on them.

2) I found this tool kit bag (okay, technically it’s a pencil case) at the gift shop in the Seattle Public Library of all places…perfect size for all the little stabby, writey, kind of craft objects I need to take with me. And again with the fonts.

3) Naturally, this album will be coming along for the train ride for many more repeats. I love The Head and the Heart so much, listen here to “Let’s Be Still” if you haven’t already.

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Life | Elowah Falls, Oregon


We took a little detour in Oregon after the (always awesome) Oregon Trail Rally last weekend. More from that later, but here’s me attempting “hiking” in ballet flats.

(It was spontaneous, MMMKAY?!?!)


Had to do a standard couple shot in front of the falls, OF COURSE. The thing barely fit in the picture. Also, I did not go much farther than where these pics were taken because it was wet and coooold near that gushing water. (My friends are way more adventurous and naturey than I am)


Wow, yeah, look at how well I blend in to the surroundings.

But seriously, what a freaking gorgeous weekend that was.

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