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Life | Folklife Festival


You’d think loving music and living in Washington for as long as I have, would mean being a die-hard Sasquatch Festival attendee.

I have never been to Sasquatch. I don’t think I will ever go to Sasquatch.

I KNOW, right? It doesn’t help that I’ve reached an age in my life where paying hundreds of dollars to camp outdoors with a bunch of binge drinking kids, and overflowing port-a-potties isn’t the most appealing way for me to watch live music. No matter how good the line-up is.

But every Memorial Day weekend, you CAN find me at Seattle Center for the hippie fueled, banjo filled, Folklife Festival.


Oh Folklife, I love your quirk, your cost (donations only), and your convenience. Your music ain’t half bad either! (My favorite find this year? Portland’s Renegade Stringband! Baby Gramps and The Warren G. Hardings were also a lot of fun)

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Life | Happy 2013!


You guys. I’m major stoked about this year. For real.

Warwick and I decided to spend NYE at Tavern Law this year. They were having a 20’s prohibition themed party, so I didn’t even question if we were choosing the right way to celebrate. Was the first time I’ve missed fireworks off the Space Needle in a few years though, since we were inside the bar the whole time. We did see him flashing in the sky from outside the window, so I guess that still counts.

That vintage reproduction 20’s dress made TWO trips out of my closet in 2012. *HIGHFIVE*


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Life | Capitol Hill Block Party – Day 3





1) THE LUMINEEEEEERSSSS! Oh man you guys, they were so good. They were the act I was looking forward to the most this weekend, and they didn’t disappoint.

2) The stage at Neumos. None of those PBR’s were mine, by the way.

3) Chalk writing at the Vera Stage

4) Grown-ups drawing with chalk while the kid looks on

5) At this point, I was kind of wishing I could watch the Main Stage like this group

6) Saw these same jump ropers last year, they’re fun to watch

7) Main Stage act list for Sunday. And a noise permit.

8) The Lobby Bar patrons watching Phantogram on the Main Stage. A primo spot for sure.

9) I posted about Porcelain Raft recently, enjoyed his set!

10) We collected all three, WOOO!

On Day Three we saw: Cloud Nothings, The Lumineers, Porcelain Raft, Phantogram, Neko Case

What an awesome weekend.

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Life | Capitol Hill Block Party – Day 2




1) Rooftop view of a crowd starting to gather at the Vera Stage early on Saturday. WHEE, SUNNY! And warm!

2) Saturday was kind of intense y’all. How we managed to get a table at Poquitos this day was a freaking miracle, but so glad we did

3) Yep, saw Lemolo again. A bunch of obnoxious teenagers spent the entire time talking and taking pics of themselves instead of listening though. #GRRKIDSTODAY

4) The party got reeeeallly started with Main Stage closing act, Major Lazer. The whole street was going nuts. And yes, there were even lasers. Dug it

5) Local band Hot Bodies In Motion – I don’t know how he manged to stand on the narrow fence edge without falling down

6) Block Party band map – I liked the addition of random art pieces spread around the area this year

On Day 2 we saw: Grimes, Lemolo, Major Lazer, Absolute Monarchs, Brent Amaker and the Rodeo, St. Lucia, Hot Bodies In Motion


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Life | Capitol Hill Block Party – Day 1



I love that my neighborhood has its own music festival! It’s such a great event for discovering somebody new, and seeing some local favorites. Cap Hill Block Party day one, CHECK IT.

1) Hmmm, which way first?!

2) Sunset on Friday evening. I love that Pike Street gets closed down for several blocks to accommodate stages and a massive crowd.

3) Digging the artist’s names lit up on the side of the Comet’s building during the Main Stage events at night.

4) Father John Misty was totally worth leaving work early for. One of my favorite sets from the weekend…very entertaining man with a very solid album!

5) Manfriend put me in charge of the schedule all weekend. This is my music festival schedule face.

6) This Stanley piano would play any song you tweeted to it. Made me scratch my head and think WHAT IS THIS WITCHCRAFT

I didn’t realize till afterwards that we really didn’t take that many pictures on Friday. Kind of a chill day. (But seriously, it was. I wore a scarf all day)

We saw: Father John Misty, Crystal Stilts, Trust, Fresh Espresso, Colonies, and Allen Stone

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