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1) My brief absence from this blog lately is due in part to this. Okay, no, not this mountain specifically, but I had another brief stint in Canada to help route out an upcoming scenic classic car trip in April…so dang excited for this! (And brace yourself now for all the pics I’m going to take for it, OH MAN)

2) Since December, I have been organizing like a crazy person. I couldn’t take working or crafting on my coffee table for one more minute (and having most of my scrapbook supplies stuffed in plastic bins underneath said table), so a major purge of supplies and furniture was in order. One side of my living room is finally turning into a craft/work space and I can’t wait till it’s all finished! So much better having my supplies out and accessible. And being able to sit in an actual chair for once.

And yes, I am one of those psycho people that consider organizing to be a “leisure” activity ;)

3) My latest read pick is Astor Place Vintage by Stephanie Lehmann – I’m only a few chapters in, so can’t speak for the whole thing yet, but I’m enjoying it so far. Vintage store owner in New York finds (well, steals actually) an old journal from a girl living in NYC at the turn of the century…I’m such a sucker for anything set in the early 1900’s.

4) The boy and I recently attended the vinyl album release show for Benjamin Verdoes at The Triple Door…loved this show, and you can listen to Evil Eye here. (“Unknown Fears” is my favorite!)

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Life | The Leisure List

The Leisure List

1) Been trying to scrounge up supplies to use for my Paris album (going with a 6×8 Simple Stories album and pocket pages). In other news, that trip was almost a year ago now, EESH.

2) Spending time up North in Canada with Manfriend for the past week. It’s so much quieter at his place than my neighborhood in Seattle, which is a nice break at times. Although not being there during the Super Bowl was a bit of a bummer…YAY SEAHAWKS!

3) I’ve been on a bit of a reading frenzy the past month. I’ve finished Beautiful Ruins, Timebound, and am halfway through Fangirl right now…loving it, and I have to share these couple of lines,

“There’s nothing more intoxicating than creating something from nothing. Creating something from yourself.”

“I’ll write because I love it, the way other people knit or…or scrapbook.”

4) The Inside Llewyn Davis soundtrack has been almost the only thing I’ve been listening to lately. I’m not much of a movie girl, but seeing this one was a must!

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Love | The Leisure List


Hey kids, tis the season for holiday projects, right?! (YIPES)

I’m bound for a quiet B.C. getaway tomorrow, and I’m bringing as few clothes as possible, so I can cram in as many craft supplies as possible. My yellow tote and old Quickutz Revolution train case is stuffed with them. I’ve got a lot of making to do this week.

1) On my last trip up to the Great White North, I finished reading “The Paris Wife” (loved it, loved it, loved it), so “Hemingway’s Girl” seems like a good follow-up. In other news, I’m a total sucker for books with good fonts on them.

2) I found this tool kit bag (okay, technically it’s a pencil case) at the gift shop in the Seattle Public Library of all places…perfect size for all the little stabby, writey, kind of craft objects I need to take with me. And again with the fonts.

3) Naturally, this album will be coming along for the train ride for many more repeats. I love The Head and the Heart so much, listen here to “Let’s Be Still” if you haven’t already.

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Love | The Leisure List


1) UK craft magazines are ALWAYS the best. So unfair. Excited to peruse the pretties in this 1st issue of Made In Paper by Future Publishing.

2) These canvas shapes were the freebie attached to issue 4 of Crafty magazine. (Yep, UK again…Manfriend brought me back all kinds of goodies on his last Europe jaunt, WOO!) These will make some great page or card accents, and I love that they’re canvas.

3) This weekend! Seattle’s own Urban Craft Uprising! Geez Louise, I know I’m going to wish I had more money upon arrrival…

4) One of my favorite recent song finds is Patty Griffin’s “Please Don’t Let Me Die In Florida.” Hilarious to me because I once lived in Florida. For only 10 months. Because I hated it so much. (Hey, Go Gators though!)

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Love | The Leisure List


(Clockwise L-R)

1) Can’t wait to start using the paper from this So Noted pad from Carta Bella…cameos!!

2) I’ve been wanting to read this book for awhile, it’s now in paperback, yay!

3) I’ve been in a crazy organizing mood lately…these file folders from Target are SO Orla Kieley-ish. I might even cut up some of them for non-filing purposes…

4) I’m super weird about pens. I freaking love these Pilot Acroball pens. They went in my cart while scouring the office supplies aisle at Target. But when does that not happen.

5) Repeating this song by Sir Sly a lot lately!


PS – Happy 4th of July my fellow Americans! Get your fireworks and BBQ on!

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