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Make | 8×8 Layout – I Love You

8x8 Layout | I Love You | Blackbird Darlin

I never know what I’m going to see while doing something as mundane as getting groceries, which is why having my iPhone on me is so handy sometimes. This photo is one of those random things…there and gone in a matter of days.

I love the urban feel of this Studio Calico brush script paper; it felt more in place with this photo than my usual woodgrain or polka dots. :) I’m definitely getting better at using my embellishments lately, I think this is my first real attempt at an embellishment cluster. (YAY!)

Do you ever have any photos that inspire you to get out of your usual routine? Or is it tried and true all the way every time? I get bored if I don’t break out of my box every now and then!

8x8 Layout | I Love You | Blackbird Darlin

Supplies Used: patterned paper (Studio Calico Printshop 6×6 pad), paper labels and heart wood veneer (Citrus Twist Kits), cork arrow (American Crafts), date stamp

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Life | Planes, Trains, Automobiles…and Boats

Life | Planes, Trains, Automobiles...and Boats | Blackbird Darlin

1) Scouting camera position locations in Dufur, Oregon 2) Boating in Barbados with the sea turtles 3) Arriving into Barbados 4) Amtrak-ing back home from Canada

I love travel. LOVE it. And this last month has been packed with it. I’ve been on just about every mode of transportation in a short period of time lately, which is probably why all I want to do now is shut myself inside with Netflix and my scrappy stuff.

The wanderlust will come back though, it always does.

I’m now a bit overwhelmed with the amount of pics I want to scrapbook from this year, but honestly, that’s a good thing! Do you ever feel the same way after a trip? Does it take you forever to tackle travel layouts, or do you just dive right in? I definitely struggle with them sometimes, eesh.

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Life | California Instagram Pics

El Camino | Blackbird Darlin via InstagramSan Diego | Blackbird Darlin via InstagramVenice Canals Los Angeles | Blackbird Darlin via InstagramVenice Beach | Blackbird Darlin via Instagram

My two week long California adventure kinda took the wind out of me. Oy. But seriously…I got sick on the last leg of our drive back into Seattle, and am only just now able to do anything beyond Netflixing and guzzling down cough medicine.

Such an amazing time though! I haven’t made anything in what feels like forever, so pretty eager to dig into the stash and attempt a dent in my travel photos.

In other news, March was the wettest month ever recorded in Seattle, and I feel a little guilty I was gone for half of it. Glad Spring is here…so happy to see the trees on my street blooming again!

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Life | Unplanned Road Trips…

Ranch House Cafe Route 66 | Blackbird DarlinOwl Cafe New Mexico | Blackbird Darlin'
California Palm Trees | Blackbird Darlin'Northern California Shasta Territory | Blackbird Darlin'

Hey, so you know those times when the holidays are almost over and you’re super excited to get started on blogging again, but you take a trip to Mississippi to visit your family at New Years and it takes you two days of flying to get there, and then you end up having to DRIVE THE ENTIRE WAY BACK to Seattle?

Well, that’s a thing that happened. There’s a brand new breed of He Who Shall Not Be Named and he goes by Polar Vortex. In all honesty though, good times were had. I freaking love road trips. Even ones with tight deadlines so your Canadian Manfriend can get back to Canada in time to catch a flight for work that isn’t cancelled.

Anywho, I have been absent from the internet in almost all forms for what feels like forever, but man oh man, have I got gobs of scrapping material to work with. I’m really pumped to try mixing in 8×8 layouts with some 6×8 Project Life style types of pages this year, so we’ll see how this goes.

In the meantime, I figured I should at least post up some Instagram pics from my unexpected cross country trip so no one thinks I’ve abandoned this here blog. Anyone else out there have some wacky adventures cause of the weather last week? That was some kind of cold y’all.

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