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Love | Four Favorites

Four Favorites | Blackbird Darlin

1) Once upon a time (last week) I had an order of road trip travel pics in my hot little hands, and couldn’t wait to get down to scrappy business with them. And then one day later, Crate Paper had to go and announce the Open Road collection.

It’s just…

I mean…

I can’t…

Basically, all my words are gone and that project is on hiatus until this collection gets in my life.

2) I love, love, love the artwork and sentiment of this greeting card by 1 Canoe 2.

3) Oh yes please, this Wanderlust roller stamp from Studio Calico – phrases include Adventure, Run Away With Me, On The Road Again, and other things that I am a total sucker for.

4) I don’t own any of the wood veneers from Two Peas yet, but I’m continually impressed with the exclusives they’ve been putting out, like this globe one.

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Love | My Top 10 Favorite Scrapbook Tools

Top 10 Favorite Scrapbook Tools | Blackbird Darlin'

I can be a bit of an old fart when it comes to scrapbook tools. (Well, if you think being firmly stuck somewhere in the mid 00’s of the scrapbook era as old farty) I haven’t really upgraded anything since then, but I also can’t find a reason to switch to anything different. Here’s a peek into what I’m always pulling out for my crafternoon time:

1) Fiskars 12″ Trimmer – I’ve owned a few different trimmers over the years, but this version has managed to stick it out for longer than any of the others. Its slim, lightweight design are a must for my small space, and even WITH its slim, lightweight design, I haven’t managed to break it ever.

2) Dymo Pink Caption Maker  – I’ve made myself take a break a bit from using this so much, but it’s kind of ridiculous how much I love Dymo labels in my layouts and cards. I can’t quite remember what year that became a thing in scrapbooking, but I’ve been hooked ever since. I have a Label Buddy too, but this particular label maker has three different font styles (uppercase, lowercase, script), and it’s pretty. (BONUS!) It stays near me always.

Unfortunately, Dymo doesn’t make the Caption Maker anymore though, so good luck finding one at a good price. WAH WUH.

3) Roller Date Stamp – I date stamp on almost all my layouts. You can find these little guys at just about any office supply store, and for cheap. Doesn’t get much better than that!

4) Micron 05 Black Pen  – This has been my brand of choice journaling pen since my Creative Memories days in the 90’s. Total classic.

5) Pink Quickutz Squeeze  – I was on the Quickutz design team when the Squeeze came out, so my clunker of a blue tool hand tool gladly got put away for this lovely (and easier to use) tool. Actually, my original QK blue hand tool got stolen, but that’s a whole story on it’s own. I’m sure the dude that stole my car when I was using the trunk as storage for crap I didn’t use thought it was a wrench of some sort.

(And the only reason I’m choosing the Squeeze over the Revolution in this case is the portability factor, but I love my Revolution dearly!)

6) Herma Tab Dispenser – I can be pretty weird about stuff sometimes. One of those weird things is that I can only use tabs for adhering my photos. I don’t understand why I do this. Tape runner = paper to paper. Tabs = photos to paper. This is what gets those tabs on my photos.

(Hey, remember the days when all we had were those boxes with the peel off tabs and THE GIANT HOT MESS OF BLUE TABS you’d have everywhere after scrapping? Yeah, I don’t miss that either)

7) Xyron “X” Sticker Maker  – This little dude changed my world forever when he came out many years ago. As a Quickutz fan girl, I finally had an easier way to get adhesive on all those smaller letters and shapes I was die cutting like crazy. I still use this all the freaking time.

8) StazOn Black Ink Pad  – I tend to use this ink pad on every surface instead of just the kind it’s formulated for. That might freak out an expert stamper, but I always get such a crisp, clean image with this ink. Plus, it’s got that…smell. (Don’t lie, you know you like to sniff it sometimes too)

9) Silhouette Cameo  – I’ve been wanting this beauty for years, but she only just joined my stash a few months ago. I’m a little loopy over what can be done with it…expect to see Silhouette shape use in the future! Once I get in the habit of remembering I own this now.

10) Therm-O-Web XL Tape Runner – So, ATG guns have been all the rage for several years now. They’re cost efficient and all that. But I swear, every time I see someone wielding one of those things, I can’t help but think of merchandise pricing guns. (I’d much rather just forget my retail working days) The pivoting head, tack of the adhesive, and size of this tape runner is what wins me over. Love love love it.

Do you see anything here that shows up in your tool bag? What are your must haves?

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Love | Four Favorites

Four Favorites | Blackbird Darlin

1) Sweet geez-a-mighty, the new Market Street collection from My Mind’s Eye is crazy gorgeous. So in love with the colors of these enamel dots!

2) Love the retro feel of these chipboard pieces from Maggie Holmes Styleboard collection

3) These Bloom Flower leaves from Prima Marketing

4) Crazy in love with the entire collection of Adrienne Looman’s Our Travels line from Webster’s Pages, but especially the Out and About cut-apart paper

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Love | Four Favorites

Four Favorites | Blackbird Darlin

1) These metallic journaling cards from My Mind’s Eye are super cute and are further fueling my gold obsession! (Check out images of the whole pack here)

2) I’m a total misting newb, but I’m really wanting to experiment with this technique. I just bought my first bottle last week, but this *neutral mist kit from Tattered Angels looks like a good start *Links to Amazon, but is not an affiliate link

3) My attempts at doing crochet have been a bit futile lately, but these crochet icons from Prima have gone ahead and meshed the two crafts competing for my attention together in one clever little package

4) Loving all the papers in this 6×6 DIY paper pad from American Crafts

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Love | Four Favorites

Four Favorites | Blackbird Darlin

I’m obsessing over bow prints lately! Here’s a few of my favorite paper crafting finds with this cute motif:

1) This vellum paper print from the Oh Darling collection from Crate Paper

2) This stamp set from Hunter and Co. Designs Etsy shop

3) These burlap bow embellishments from American Crafts DIY Shop collection

4) I love all three of the prints from this de Tokyo tape set that I found via Pretty Tape, but the bow one is the best!

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