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Make | 8×8 & 6×8 Project Life – November

6x8 Project Life | November | Blackbird Darlin

Maybe you look at this spread, and are wondering why I didn’t just use a full 6×8 page for the left side. Because I’m particular, I have to store my pages in exact chronological order, and I have a photo from a few days before this that I really want to scrap as a layout, not a pocket page. (I haven’t actually done that page yet, but at least there’s a spot reserved for it)

The photos after that I didn’t want to put in layout form, and I didn’t want to leave a big blank space, so this is where my modern day ephemera comes in handy! This catalog page was a bit too small though, so I stuck it on a piece of white 8×8 cardstock, and then ran a strip of washi down the side to fill it in a bit.

The card with the pile of books were cut out from a piece of 12×12 patterned paper, and the library Date Due card actually came from the Seattle Public Library. (In a package at the gift shop, I didn’t just jack them for scrapbooking purposes)

All the pink in this makes me happy. And the fact that Amy Poehler matches my Notes & Things paper.

6x8 Project Life | November | Blackbird Darlin

Supplies Used: patterned paper (Crate Paper Notes & Things 6×6 pad and October Afternoon Milk Money), “currently loving” stamp (Citrus Twist Dec ’14 Pocket Life kit), alpha stamps (Oh lordy, I don’t remember, they’re old stash!)

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Make | 6×8 Project Life – November

Make | Project Life - November | Blackbird Darlin

Here’s a good example of why I love having my square photos printed as 3×4’s…I have lots of little stamp phrases, and they’re SO PERFECT for using on that blank area! I don’t plan on doing that with every photo, but the “here we go again” and “on track” felt so spot on for those photos.

This spread really makes me happy though for the ephemera added to it. The whole appeal of pocket pages for me was finally having a way of adding that into my albums, so I love how much more real life my printed ticket and coffee cup sleeve add to this.

I love pretty for the sake of pretty, but looking back on things like this will have way more meaning I think. Especially when “long distance” is no longer attached to my relationship status. HA! ;)

Make | Project Life - November | Blackbird Darlin

Supplies Used: sticker labels (Maggie Holmes Flea Market and Gossamer Blue Gramercy Road), patterned paper (Maggie Holmes Open Book 6×6 pad), word stamps (Citrus Twist Pocket Life Kits), washi tape

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Make | 6×8 Project Life – August

6x8 Project Life | August | Blackbird Darlin

While putting this spread together, the thought did cross my mind of, “Is it weird to devote this much space to the arrival of a planner and a magazine page I like with clothes I could never afford in a million years?”

But this is me. I am this person. The kind that can hardly sit still when something that will help in organizing my life is about to come in the mail, and that inner gasp I feel when I’m idly flipping through my fashion magazines and come across something that makes me stop. Ah, happys.

The item in the 4×6 pocket is a thank you card that was included in my package – the other side of it was a bright kelly green, so I left the text side facing out. Love little unexpected extras like that!

6x8 Project Life - August - Blackbird Darlin

Supplies Used: patterned paper (Glitz Finnley 6×6 pad and Lawn Fawn Dewey Decimal 6×6 pad), ephemera, chipboard frame, and stickers (Crate Paper Notes and Things)

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Make | 6×8 Project Life – June

6x8 Project Life | June | Blackbird Darlin

For some crazy reason, I had it in my brain that I was going to post my pocket pages here in chronological order…but I don’t always finish a spread before moving on to a different one, so in some cases, it could be a million years before I have another spread go up.

And seriously, why would it bother you guys if they’re not posted in order? I don’t know. Again, crazy.

So here’s a spread that I finished! From June!

But can we talk about that blue floral paper? I am madly in love with it and want to use it in everything.

Supplies Used: floral paper (Crate Paper Open Road 6×6 pad), gold polka dot paper (My Mind’s Eye Nob Hill Stache), woodgrain paper (?), “gorgeous” sticker (Maggie Holmes Styleboard Label Words), word stamps, gold arrow, and heart wood veneer (Citrus Twist Pocket Life Kits), banner die (Silhouette Trendy Shapes)

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Make | 6×8 Project Life – May Title Page

6x8 Project Life | May 2014 title page | Blackbird Darlin

I’ve noticed that the pocket pages that appeal to me most always have bits of ephemera in them…things that aren’t anything real special, but reference what the world is like now. (Jamaica’s pages are a great example, and one of my biggest inspirations right now) I’ve always loved, loved, loved magazines, so why not start cutting things I like out of them and add them in? Then, when I’m an old lady, I can remember what I liked in addition to what I did. BONUS!

I’ve decided to group these kind of pages by month…the May title card is a free printable from Caylee Grey‘s fabulous blog, and the quote (a Ron Swanson spin-off) is something I found on Pinterest that I customized myself. The lovely dress image is cut from a May issue of one of my magazines, and I wish it was in my closet right now.

Sometimes I just want to sit down and make something, but I don’t want to work with actual pictures, so this is a pretty fun solution!

Supplies Used: “May” card (Caylee Grey), blue card (One Little Bird Busy Week cards), “#LOVE” card (Miss Tiina Good Life cards), wood heart (Citrus Twist), letter stamps (Studio G), font for quote (Sue Ellen Francisco)

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