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Cars play a weird, yet significant role in my life.

I’m no expert at identifying them, and Lord knows I can’t maintain my own to save my life (hey, it’s hard when you’re a city dweller), but I love the people I’ve met because of them, and the little flutter I get when they’re going fast. Or just sitting pretty.

We headed south to Portland this weekend, and stopped by Portland International Raceway to check out the Historic Races. It was super bright and hot out, and full of gorgeous old classic cars…



The Buick Le Sabre above was killing me. AAAHHHHHH SO LEGIT


This beach cruiser was so rad. It came complete with beach towels, surfboard, a retro cooler, and a Barbie doll strapped into the passenger seat.


Red Porsche is red. And totally yummy.


Don’t mind me while I get in this and pretend I’m as elegant as Grace Kelly.

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