Life | Capitol Hill Block Party – Day 2




1) Rooftop view of a crowd starting to gather at the Vera Stage early on Saturday. WHEE, SUNNY! And warm!

2) Saturday was kind of intense y’all. How we managed to get a table at Poquitos this day was a freaking miracle, but so glad we did

3) Yep, saw Lemolo again. A bunch of obnoxious teenagers spent the entire time talking and taking pics of themselves instead of listening though. #GRRKIDSTODAY

4) The party got reeeeallly started with Main Stage closing act, Major Lazer. The whole street was going nuts. And yes, there were even lasers. Dug it

5) Local band Hot Bodies In Motion – I don’t know how he manged to stand on the narrow fence edge without falling down

6) Block Party band map – I liked the addition of random art pieces spread around the area this year

On Day 2 we saw: Grimes, Lemolo, Major Lazer, Absolute Monarchs, Brent Amaker and the Rodeo, St. Lucia, Hot Bodies In Motion



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