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Mini Album - Mixtape CD Holder

The first playlists me and Manfriend made for each other feel pretty special to me, so I wanted to preserve it in a more “hard copy” fashion. I’ve had some blank Pinecone Press CD sleeves hanging around waiting for a project, so I dug one out and this is the result.

For the cover, I just cut a square piece of orange cardstock, inked the edges, and dug through my patterned scrap bag for the ancient KI Memories blue piece. The cassette is a stamp from Yellow Owl Workshop that I stamped on white cardstock and cut out. (I LOVE this stamp!)

Mini Album - Mixtape CD Holder (Inside)

Here’s the inside, using the same cardstock and patterned paper scrap to line some of it. The boombox is cut out from a piece of paper that has no identifying info, WAH! The surface of the CD sleeve is slick, so I had to use a fine point Sharpie for the journaling. (Slick Writers would also do well)

(I plan on labeling the CD itself, but was too impatient to post this already)


I cut a piece of white cardstock to slip inside the notched sleeve with a list of the songs we used. Patterned paper, rub on letters, and circle stamps add a little bit more interest to it. Also, date stamp! This way I’ll know when the hell it was we actually made these for each other.

If you look closely, you’ll notice I totally goofed my list up. Totally forgot to add The Funeral on there, DOH! I re-stamped a number 3 in that weird open spot, and then stamped numbers 4-11 on a separate piece of white cardstock, cut them out, and then glued them on top of the other numbers that were now wrong because I had to go back and add a song. WHOOPS.

I am a crazy perfectionist, so the fact that I did that instead of remaking the entire piece again says a lot for how far I’ve come in letting things be.

Okay, but yeah, still bugs me a tiny bit.

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