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Hey kids, tis the season for holiday projects, right?! (YIPES)

I’m bound for a quiet B.C. getaway tomorrow, and I’m bringing as few clothes as possible, so I can cram in as many craft supplies as possible. My yellow tote and old Quickutz Revolution train case is stuffed with them. I’ve got a lot of making to do this week.

1) On my last trip up to the Great White North, I finished reading “The Paris Wife” (loved it, loved it, loved it), so “Hemingway’s Girl” seems like a good follow-up. In other news, I’m a total sucker for books with good fonts on them.

2) I found this tool kit bag (okay, technically it’s a pencil case) at the gift shop in the Seattle Public Library of all places…perfect size for all the little stabby, writey, kind of craft objects I need to take with me. And again with the fonts.

3) Naturally, this album will be coming along for the train ride for many more repeats. I love The Head and the Heart so much, listen here to “Let’s Be Still” if you haven’t already.

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