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1) UK craft magazines are ALWAYS the best. So unfair. Excited to peruse the pretties in this 1st issue of Made In Paper by Future Publishing.

2) These canvas shapes were the freebie attached to issue 4 of Crafty magazine. (Yep, UK again…Manfriend brought me back all kinds of goodies on his last Europe jaunt, WOO!) These will make some great page or card accents, and I love that they’re canvas.

3) This weekend! Seattle’s own Urban Craft Uprising! Geez Louise, I know I’m going to wish I had more money upon arrrival…

4) One of my favorite recent song finds is Patty Griffin’s “Please Don’t Let Me Die In Florida.” Hilarious to me because I once lived in Florida. For only 10 months. Because I hated it so much. (Hey, Go Gators though!)


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