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1) This Brigitte Bardot photo makes me want a gingham skirt

2) Perfect outfit…makes me think I should put more pink in my wardrobe

3) I’ve made this version of chicken noodle soup in my crockpot about a zillion times already this winter. So easy, and so good!

4) I can’t believe it either sometimes

5) This is a pretty bad ass pic of the Space Needle

6) The 21st Century answer to the modern mixtape…neat!

7) I’ve been waiting for this dress to come back in stock for a couple months now…I MUST HAVE

8) Love the lettering and the quote on this

9) These make me want to attempt by own film reel bookends…hmmmm

10) Crap a mighty, I am so regretting missing this Etsy listing…what a perfect travel bag!

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