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1) Gingham and polka dots?! Yep, really liking this combo!

2) I see this being a great concept for an inspiration wall (instead of board)

3) Home is where

4) A tree quilt?! Seriously, I need to learn how to quilt, STAT.

5) I’m really into cool looking old hardcovers right now. I love this one of The Great Gatsby.

6) Cool travel layout. Love the Polaroid frame look and the View-Master disk!

7) I made these, and they were yummy. Messy, but yummy.

8) I don’t have a Macbook, but would just to use this laptop case

9) 1990’s teen problems. Ah yes, what hardships I had to endure.

10) I am not ashamed to admit I want this because of the packaging.

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