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1) The Everyday Eclectic line from Echo Park is all great, but I love this piece the most

2) I want to recreate this outfit SO BAD! (Ok, knowing me, I’d skip the colored tights)

3) Yes, anything ridiculous

4) I love the funky, eclectic assortment of stuff on this wall. So dying to do this.

5) The photos of this couple are too sweet for words, love all of them

6) Pantone suitcases, WHAT?!

7) Love this I Miss You card by Lucy Abrams. The colors, the scallop, the paper, the sentiment, EVERYTHING!

8) This is officially my favorite cat photo meme in all of internet land.

9) This building and the sign on top of it are both pretty rad

10) Cuuuuuuuteeee haiiirrrrr!

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