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1) YOU GUYS, I want this so bad. I don’t even care that the radio part only works in the UK. And that I would have to buy a different adapter cord thing.

2) I promise that you won’t regret one second of watching this video of baby pandas playing on slides. It is pretty much the greatest thing to come into my life this year. I just…I can’t even…

3) I love the colors of this home in Santiago…so vibrant!

4) Esme’s outfit is super cute here, OMG

5) So, I had some smelly towels and it was driving me crazy. And then I did this, and YAY!

6) This layout by Jen Gallacher has so many little details. Plus, gray and black color combo!

7) This mismatched ceramic bowl set wants to be part of my dishes like crazy

8) Totally loving the colors and typography in this Beach House/The Walkmen gig poster

9) This dress wants to be in my closet, I can tell.

10) I HAVE THE FASTEST BUTT IN THE LAND. I’m missing my New Girl nights hardcore right now.

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