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1) This girl is so ready to get her 4th on. I’m almost that relaxed.

2) This piece from Crate Paper is making me, “ooooo!”

3) Who are we kidding though, I can’t braid my hair.

4) I’ve just discovered Swonderful Boutique, and this window display is absolutely killing me. Falling in love with NZ, for reals.

5) I love the colors of this bathroom, and the fact that they used two curtains – nice!

6) “Do the claws!

7) This is an awesome travel layout by Lynn Ghahary – love the memorabilia pocket

8) I don’t think you guys understand how badly I need this.

9) This makes me want to send mail to someone. After I get better at hand-lettering.

10) I have done the same, Poe.


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