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1) This photo themed Washi tape is killing me right now. I mean, how useful is that little date strip? And how cool are those cameras? And the negative strip…okay, I think you get my point.

2) I do not buy paper packs. Let me cherry pick what I want from a new collection, please and thank you. I have decided that the new Note To Self release from Echo Park is the exception to this rule. ALL. NOW. PLEASE.

3) If you know me in real life, then you know why this is on my Things I Highly Covet Right Now list. My wore-it-all-winter black bowler is seriously wanting a break.

4) I just pinned this dress to my fashion board like two weeks ago. And then lo and behold, Katie from Skunkboy Creatures repping it in the best way. Love every detail here.

5) Anybody else suddenly get the urge to visit Belgium after seeing this picture?

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