Life | Weekend in Tofino, BC



Wow, I had no idea Tofino was so…dangerous. For the record, we did not run into any pirates, crazy sea otters, or deadly potholes. ABANDON HOPE ALL YE WHO ENTER HERE


The view from our beach house rental. Not shown is the hot tub on the deck. Hell yeah. We shared the house with a couple that Manfriend has known for a long time, and I was meeting for the first time. Drunken, late night, Cranium games in a beach house are always good for forging new friendships.


Random little spot we passed on our long walk into town for drinks. There was ice cream here, but they were closed. We learned that Sunday is not an active day in this area.


The long ferry ride was probably my favorite part. I hate to say it, but BC has some way better ferries than Seatown. Felt almost luxurious.

I certainly wasn’t expecting sunny skies and mild temps on the west coast of Vancouver Island. In February. But somehow that’s what we got, and it was pretty dadgum rad.

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