Life | Visit to Washington, DC


Installment 2 of East Coast visit! – So, as you can see, we went to the National Mall on our VA/DC visit. I had to take this from far away because…well, it’s the White House. Unless you’re touring it, you can’t really get too up close and personal on this here lawn.


Neither of us tried to push the button that Warwick spotted on the gate surrounding the White House. I’m not sure why, and now we will forever not know what would have happened if we had. AH REGRETS. That awesome building up there is (I think) where the VP gets his business on. I could be wrong though, it was all very exciting and cold that day.


You want to know what my favorite thing about traveling is? Not food, not people, not shopping….buildings! Especially old ones. They just always look like more effort was put into it, you know? I love the architecture here!


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