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The Leisure List

1) Been trying to scrounge up supplies to use for my Paris album (going with a 6×8 Simple Stories album and pocket pages). In other news, that trip was almost a year ago now, EESH.

2) Spending time up North in Canada with Manfriend for the past week. It’s so much quieter at his place than my neighborhood in Seattle, which is a nice break at times. Although not being there during the Super Bowl was a bit of a bummer…YAY SEAHAWKS!

3) I’ve been on a bit of a reading frenzy the past month. I’ve finished Beautiful Ruins, Timebound, and am halfway through Fangirl right now…loving it, and I have to share these couple of lines,

“There’s nothing more intoxicating than creating something from nothing. Creating something from yourself.”

“I’ll write because I love it, the way other people knit or…or scrapbook.”

4) The Inside Llewyn Davis soundtrack has been almost the only thing I’ve been listening to lately. I’m not much of a movie girl, but seeing this one was a must!

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