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The Leisure List | Blackbird Darlin

1) Pic from Sunday brunch with the boy at one of my favorite bars in town, and they just turned 20…long live Linda’s!

2) I’m always so disappointed lately in the craft/hobby section of magazine racks at the grocery store, but joy of joys, a Paper Crafts special issue! Cute card ideas and techniques in this that I want to experiment with.

3) I’m officially wanting to try my hand at some watercolor techniques. Believe me, my simple, graphic style is not about to change, but it’s fun to play with new things sometimes. We’ll see how I feel about this.

4) I LOVE the Dum Dum Girls, so their new album Too True has been occupying my ears a lot lately…I’m not completely enamored with the entire thing, but I cannot listen to this song without repeating it a million times! (With Cult of Love running a pretty close second)


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