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Okay, wait.

I KNOW I said I was going to (finally) post about Paris, but then this happened, soooooo…here are some pictures of us with bikes looking as old-timey as we could on such short notice.

Meaning, we didn’t decide to go do this until two days before. And it was awesome.

This was majorly because our Portland peeps let us ride on their tandem bicycle. This was the first time I had been on a bike since I was twelve, so the apprehension level was pretty high at first.



Rain clouds loomed over us for a little bit, but for reasons I still don’t understand and appreciate, it cleared up for exactly the start to finish of this event. I learned that when it DOES rain while you are on a bike, it’s super helpful to have a boyfriend on the same bike as you, in front, so that he blocks all the rain. And then you stay dry.

Also, it helps modesty-wise when your skirt is blowing up in the wind while riding and you’re glad no one can see your knickers.


Halfway through, we took a time-out for tea. Our tea was really hoppy and fermented though. Hmm.


The ride ended at Velo Cult Bike Shop, where there was free beer for Tweed participants, and a photo booth. (The booth was for anyone, it was just always full of oddly dressed people) Best Sunday ever! If your city does a Tweed Ride also, you should definitely do it.

Or be like us, and go to another city close by that’s doing it.

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