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HOLY SNAP GUYS. It’s happening. I am on my way.

I will be spending this weekend in London, then taking the train over to Paris for five freaking days. (With my Mr. of course…actually, he arranged the whole thing)

I’ve been too excited to come up with an itinerary (plus, I hate itineraries), but I did make that luggage tag just for my vintage American Escort tote. I love that Tim Holtz stamp so much. Doesn’t it just make you happy when you find the perfect use for some random item that you’re not sure what you’re going to use for yet? YEAH. FEELS GOOD.

The passport wallet is from the Gracie Designs Etsy store, and I love it so much. French luggage tags and postmarks, how appropriate.


Choosing what to take in my carry-on rolling bag for ten days proved challenging. I always pack the above way though…hanging up everything I’m thinking of taking, and seeing how I can put them together. Then rolling them up real tight, and smashy smashy, in it goes!

(I eliminated three of the above things. And then added two)

Also, I could only fit two hats. :o


But, whoop, there it is. No luggage to check = happy traveling panda.

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