Life | Pacific Raceway Historic Car Races


The only thing better than a racing car, is a vintage racing car.  You may have seen a previous post I did featuring the Portland Historic Races. This time, the Manfriend and I headed to the more local Pacific Raceway to see the pretties and hear some loud noises. Here are just a few of my fav pics from the weekend…


If only the “modern British car” still looked like this.


I love love looooooooooove this car! Morris Minor 1000, you should be in my life. Once I live somewhere with a garage.


Candy colored Porsches all ready and raring to go!


Every time this group would swing by, I thought of that scene from Talladega Nights with Molly Shannon…

“OHHHH I loooove when them carrrs whiz byyyyy!”


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