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Between the very unplanned cross-country trip in January, and the route planning trip in Canada a couple weeks ago, being in cars seems to be the theme of my life right now and I love it. And by the time this is posted, I should have several road-trip-to-California-for-work-and-fun themed photos in my Instagram. YAY!

I found myself really wishing I had a journal of some sort to write down the things we saw on the cross country trip, so I’m bringing the above items along with me this time. There won’t be time or space for crafting (hey, a girl’s gotta get out and LIVE every now and then), but having some pretty ink, washi tape, and a few favorite roller stamps on hand should tide me over in the meantime.

I am pretty terrible at journal upkeep, so let’s see if I can stick with a travel themed one! (And if you’re curious, I posted about that book journal in this post) Have any of you traveled with something like this? Link it up, I’d love to see!

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  1. Jennifer April 6, 2014 at 4:58 AM #

    I love your journal!! Did you make it from an old book or buy it like that?

    • Lisa April 6, 2014 at 9:52 AM #

      Thanks, Jennifer! I bought it a local craft show from a store called Ex Libris Anonymous…I love that it has blank, white, acid free pages mixed in with pages from the book itself. (And their inventory changes all the time due to them using actual used books)

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