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2015 Album Opening Title Page | Blackbird Darlin

The past year has been a bit of an experiment. After a few years of feeling lackluster about making 12×12 layouts (to the point I was only making cards), I finally hit a creative stride in 2014 with using smaller formats – both 8×8 and 6×8.

My 2014 album is a mess though! Lots of unfinished pocket pages due to spontaneously adding those in in the middle of the year, and not really having a plan or organization method for them.

Since that is the kind of thing that drives me mad, I needed to make a few changes this year, so here’s my M.O. for 2015:

2015 Album Plan | Blackbird Darlin

1) Prep Album

This means doing the following:

  • Buy an album – okay, this is obvious, but I went forever last year needing one and delaying purchasing it because I wanted to buy prettier things instead. (DOH!)
  • Have enough pocket page protectors on hand for Project Life pages – because this is the equivalent of running out of adhesive when you’re ready to make a layout. The. Worst.
  • Punch necessary holes in Simple Stories protectors to fit in my We R Memory Keepers 8×8 album – since I’m mixing brands and sizes of protectors, I have to punch a few extra holes into my Simple Stories 6×8 pages to fit in my album. Just an ordinary 3 hole punch (that I’ve adjusted the holes in) does the trick, but doing this beforehand means I get it sorted in the album faster.
  • Make album title page in advance – because I’m terrible about doing this, and it instantly makes everything feel more cohesive. But hey! Done! See first photo!

2015 Album Plan | Blackbird Darlin

2) Use File Folders To Collect Memorabilia And Photos

Oooo, I found out real quick that this is a must for pocket pages. I don’t always work in chronological order, but my pages are arranged that way. And since I’m sporadic about WHEN I’m making stuff, it’s a lifesaver to have all the random bits (tickets, magazine pages, etc) that I want to include already sorted. I separate everything by month, because the traditional PL weekly format would never work for me.

Previously, I was just throwing printed photos and everything else into a plastic bin with no rhyme or reason. YIPES. Not productive!

2015 Project Life Plan | Blackbird Darlin

3) Edit Photos On Phone And Add To Collect App

For reasons that I don’t understand, I LOATHE editing photos on my computer, but enjoy doing it with apps on my phone. So I’ve decided to just run with that. So many of my photos end up being square (cause I love them that way!), so the majority of my photos are going to be added to the Collect app after editing, and then printed with my Canon Selphy. I love having the date automatically on the photo, it makes it sooooo much faster for me to plan where it goes! And the Polaroid style bottom is great for leaving blank, journaling on, or adding a strip of washi tape.

Since my Selphy doesn’t print true 3×4 photos, I’ll still be matting them on cardstock or patterned paper to fit the pockets since that is the kind of thing that drives me crazy. Photos that I really love or have a bigger story will be printed in larger sizes (not through Collect) and made in layout form…cause those are still more fun for me to make :)

I also plan on upgrading my phone this year, since that’s how most of my photos are taken – my iPhone 4 with only 8GB of memory is barely cutting it at this point, eesh.


We’re over halfway through January, and I’m already loving this method so far. YAY! How about you? Does the idea of planning your crafting stress you out, or does it make you more productive? (I love reading what others are doing!)

4 Responses to Life | My 2015 Scrapbook/Project Life Plan

  1. Judy January 26, 2015 at 10:32 AM #

    What great ideas! Where did you find the great file folders with the gold dots, also
    what size are they. I would love to buy them. Thanks!!!!

    • Lisa January 26, 2015 at 12:00 PM #

      Thanks Judy :) The folders are by Kate Spade (they’re standard 9×11 size folders), and I found them at an Indigo bookstore in Canada…pretty sure you can find them online too though!

      They’re pretty pricey, but I figured I would use them for the current year of Project Life, and anything not scrapped after that year will get put in folders that are way cheaper. ;) (I’m more likely to stick with keeping things organized if it’s visually appealing too)

  2. Kelly Jean January 27, 2015 at 4:19 AM #

    I have been trying to figure out my PL process for a few months now. I tweak it a little each time. Right now I’m doing monthly, but I like including a lot in my PL, so I may try weekly I’m 2015. Also, I collect lots of things, so I like the big 12×12 page pockets. My most important thing is to write stuff down because I NEVER remember.

    • Lisa January 27, 2015 at 10:25 AM #

      There’s times when I wish I had a 12×12 pocket to work with! (AKA – after a trip)

      One thing I forgot to mention was how I reference my planner to remember other details that might get missed that I still want to put in there (stuff that usually doesn’t have a photo) It’s still a bit new for me, but it’s already becoming much easier!

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