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You’d think loving music and living in Washington for as long as I have, would mean being a die-hard Sasquatch Festival attendee.

I have never been to Sasquatch. I don’t think I will ever go to Sasquatch.

I KNOW, right? It doesn’t help that I’ve reached an age in my life where paying hundreds of dollars to camp outdoors with a bunch of binge drinking kids, and overflowing port-a-potties isn’t the most appealing way for me to watch live music. No matter how good the line-up is.

But every Memorial Day weekend, you CAN find me at Seattle Center for the hippie fueled, banjo filled, Folklife Festival.


Oh Folklife, I love your quirk, your cost (donations only), and your convenience. Your music ain’t half bad either! (My favorite find this year? Portland’s Renegade Stringband! Baby Gramps and The Warren G. Hardings were also a lot of fun)


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