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1) This ornate cameo necklace is made from recycled vinyl and I looooovvveee it.

2) These adhesive badges are from the new Take Note collection from Studio Calico. ACK! Which one is my favorite?!

3) Orla Kiely’s first stateside store opened in NYC last fall. As someone who will be visiting New York in a few days, this is of great interest to me.

4) I want a smartphone for exactly 3 reasons: the Shazam app, the Instagram app, and now this. I’m not much for a crystal encrusted, animal print style phone case, so this is pretty rad.

5) Love this picture of Marilyn Monroe, taken from Architectural Digest. So many pictures you see of her are so glamorous…love that this one is just of a pretty girl reading her books.

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1) This photo themed Washi tape is killing me right now. I mean, how useful is that little date strip? And how cool are those cameras? And the negative strip…okay, I think you get my point.

2) I do not buy paper packs. Let me cherry pick what I want from a new collection, please and thank you. I have decided that the new Note To Self release from Echo Park is the exception to this rule. ALL. NOW. PLEASE.

3) If you know me in real life, then you know why this is on my Things I Highly Covet Right Now list. My wore-it-all-winter black bowler is seriously wanting a break.

4) I just pinned this dress to my fashion board like two weeks ago. And then lo and behold, Katie from Skunkboy Creatures repping it in the best way. Love every detail here.

5) Anybody else suddenly get the urge to visit Belgium after seeing this picture?

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1) Does anybody else remember the dress that Zooey Deschanel wore on the cover of Lucky magazine last year? No? Okay, well, it looked like this. I have been coveting it ever since, so you can imagine my reaction when I found this version in the New Arrivals from Modcloth a few days ago.

If you guys buy it up before I get a chance to, I will be broken-hearted. Seriously. Salty tears. Everywhere.

2) I’ve been on the acrylic stamp bandwagon for the past few years, but this wood mounted set is screaming my name right now. I think the fan is my favorite.

3) The Sasparilla line from October Afternoon has arrived in stores! I have absolutely no idea what I would do with this piece of paper yet. All I know is that I really, really like looking at it. I think it’s okay to want a 12×12 piece of paper for that sole purpose.

4) This image quote I found on Pinterest, which is actually an 11×17 poster print from the BlimpCat studio on Etsy. Love!

5) This photo! I’m such a sucker for lace and full skirts.

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1) I discovered the other day that the date stamp I had in my crafty toolbag only went to 2008, so it was obviously time for an upgrade. How embarrassing that I haven’t date-stamped any scrapbook pages since then. Enter this K&Company Smash date stamp – the price was right, it goes till 2022 (eep!), and those little phrases are a fun bonus. Also, I would like to take this opportunity to give thanks for craft companies that make things with this color green in them.

2) This outfit! I don’t know the true source of this picture, and if the girl featured is a blogger, but holy cow. I want to wear everything that she is wearing right NOW.

3) This Mad Men scrapbook layout from Vivian Masket – those shapes and images are perfect.

4) This Typewriter journal from Chronicle Books – there’s more to it than just the cute cover illustrations! Check out the inside pages. So cute.

5) And last but not least, this tulle skirt image from the Ouma Etsy shop. I spy mint. And peach. And more importantly, TULLE SKIRTS. I think Spring fever is hitting…

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