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Life | Scenes from Portland


In addition to the vintage car races I posted about last week, our weekend jaunt down south consisted of a few other random Portlandy things. We didn’t have a TON of time to spend in the city this round, but it’s not that hard to still squeeze in some cool stuff while visiting.


Love that chandelier from Lounge Lizard. This store was full of so many awesome things! I somehow managed to spend only $20 here.


Of course I wanted to nom at the Potato Champion poutine food truck. Too much Canadian influence in my life right now.


Waiting to have brunch outside Gravy. Let it be known, their food portions are REDONK. Leave it to me to be the one in the group wearing thrifted Miu Miu polka dot flats.

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Life | Portland Historic Races


Cars play a weird, yet significant role in my life.

I’m no expert at identifying them, and Lord knows I can’t maintain my own to save my life (hey, it’s hard when you’re a city dweller), but I love the people I’ve met because of them, and the little flutter I get when they’re going fast. Or just sitting pretty.

We headed south to Portland this weekend, and stopped by Portland International Raceway to check out the Historic Races. It was super bright and hot out, and full of gorgeous old classic cars…



The Buick Le Sabre above was killing me. AAAHHHHHH SO LEGIT


This beach cruiser was so rad. It came complete with beach towels, surfboard, a retro cooler, and a Barbie doll strapped into the passenger seat.


Red Porsche is red. And totally yummy.


Don’t mind me while I get in this and pretend I’m as elegant as Grace Kelly.

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Life | Random Shots



We recently saw a fantastic benefit show at the Triple Door. (Pictured above is Jason from the Maldives, Lemolo, and Ghosts I’ve Met) It was full of good music, but I was most excited to see Lemolo…one of my most anticipated album releases this year is from this local girl duo.


We wandered into Sugarpill apothecary the other day, and I love this display of old camping equipment in the window. (Yeah, that antler clock is pretty unique) Display was curated by Seattle Junk Love

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Life | Weekend in Bellingham


Once upon a time (2000-2008), I lived in a little city called Bellingham, Washington. Since moving to Seattle four years ago, I have only passed through on my way to other places. (Namely, Canada) I had a lot of laughs, tears, and drinks in this town, and it will forever and always hold a special place in my heart.

An old friend of mine got married here this past weekend, and since Manfriend only knew the portion of Bellingham that the interstate goes through, I decided to use the wedding as an opportunity to show him MY Bellingham – the boardwalk in Boulevard Park, Chuckanut Drive, and the Fairhaven district.

I did not show him The Royal on this visit though.







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